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Majda Ledden

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Does marketing make you feel 'grrr'?

Are you looking to get new customers or worry about losing existing ones, but have no time for marketing? Perhaps you lack knowledge in how to promote your offering, but feel you don't have the budget required to employ marketing experts. Or are your current marketing efforts not producing good results?

Let's change that to 'ahhh'?

From one-off promotional activities, to a full marketing strategy, I can help you to create a marketing budget and find a cost-effective way of promoting your business.

A touch of research and creativity goes a long way when it comes to standing out among your competitors and being heard in today's fast-paced world.




Making the most out of your contacts

Data and Direct Marketing


Segmentation and Targeting

GDPR and PECR Compliance

Marketing Calls and Texts

Email Marketing

Direct Mail

Content that makes you proud and gets results

Content and Digital Marketing


Website Management

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media and PPC

Photography & Video



Building your brand and raising awareness

Brand and Reputation


Brand Start-up

Brand Refresh and Rebranding

Branded Templates

Brand Guidelines

PR and Partnerships



Marketing Strategy


Promotional Schedule

Change Management

Internal and External Comms

Customer Profiling

Market Research



I have been working with the amazing Majda Ledden for the past year on rebranding my company and relaunching into the corporate events market. She has also developed a far more effective marketing and communications strategy which has been implemented with fantastic tangible results.


I feel so motivated and supported after meetings with her, she has the tenacity and insight into my struggles and often finds easy solutions without breaking the budget. Her wealth of connections has been invaluable and she always knows someone who can support the business.

Claire Catliff

Love Luxury Events

About Me

Since graduating from University of Brighton with a Marketing degree in 2003, I have worked in charity, aviation and childcare sectors, where I gained strong skills in marketing, communications and brand.

During this time, I have successfully developed and executed strategies and campaigns to help organisations identify, profile and reach their target markets; convert and retain customers; stand out from competition; and communicate effectively. 


From families needing hospice care to rock stars globetrotting in private jets, I have had the pleasure of communicating with individuals and businesses near and far.

I am extremely proud of the relationships I built along the way, within those organisations, but also with agency colleagues and freelance professionals. 

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